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Suffered a personal injury? Who should you call?
Unfortunately, the ways of suffering a personal injury are as plentiful as the residents of Brampton. Citizens of this fast-growing city know all about congested roads and the resulting traffic accidents – both between cars and also involving pedestrians, bicyclists. But personal injuries – and the need to make disability claims – extend far beyond traffic. There are many other areas of tort law, covering negligence of parties causing harm, product liability, host liability (bars and restaurants) and slip and fall incidents. They can all trigger disability claims, and all fall into the complex ‘personal injury' area of litigation.
Residents of Brampton should be aware there are local specialists in the field of personal injury who are completely versed in disability claim law.
If you are financially crippled after an accident, a personal injury lawyer can further assist you by taking on your case and not taking fees until a settlement or trial verdict is reached. Booking consultations should also be free and without obligation. And, in a multicultural city like Brampton, look for a disability claims lawyer who speaks your language – literally. Some firms are fluent in up to 15 languages and that can be a huge advantage to you in negotiating the complex world of personal injury claims if your first language is not English.
The Process of Making a Personal Injury Claim
Free consultation, help in your preferred language, delayed billing – what else can you expect from a disability claim lawyer in Brampton?
The initial consultation should allow the lawyer to understand your situation, the event that triggered your injuries and the extent of the harm done. If the process begins while you are hospitalized, there are steps a lawyer can do to ensure that your expenses will be documented and later claimable. And in a world of competing insurance companies and overlapping coverage, the lawyer will determine which company is responsible for your benefits.
The lawyer can complete your Accident Benefits claim forms and conduct the necessary follow-ups to the insurance company to make sure your claim is processed as expeditiously as possible. Even in the world of no-fault insurance – which ensures that you are covered to a certain degree  – there are different areas of eligibility and you need to be confident you are claiming the maximum amount to which you are eligible.
Further Action May be Warranted
If there is a legal case to be made in the case of negligence by the party who has caused your injury, the lawyer will begin assembling the necessary evidence. This can include police records and witness gathering. Again, a very important element in this process is adherence to the differing limitation requirements in filing a claim. For example, suing a municipality requires an early filing of a claim; your Brampton-based lawyer will know this and make sure no deadline is missed.
A personal injury lawyer can guide you through the trial and, at any point in the process, negotiate a fair settlement to your complaint.
A lawyer cannot make you well, but a fair settlement can go a long way to aiding your recovery, both by giving you the financial means to get treatment – and peace of mind.
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